QuickBooks® Hosting

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Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Hosted QuickBooks® Desktop Versions

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks® services from Cloud9 Real Time provide fully functional desktop versions of QuickBooks® software in a highly secure, multi-user environment. Accountants, business owners, employees and any other users who require access can work in the same files at the same time.

Cloud9 QuickBooks® hosting is a great solution for businesses that require real time access from multiple locations, with the full functionality that only the full desktop versions of QuickBooks® provide. No more creating “Accountants Copies” or sending files back and forth.

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Anytime, Anywhere Cloud Hosted QuickBooks® Desktop Versions

Cloud9’s private and shared virtual server solutions garnered more industry awards in 2012-14 than all other QuickBooks® hosting providers combined, including the Sleeter Awesome App, the K2 Quality Technology Award, the CPA Practice Advisor’s 2012-2015 Reader’s Choice Award, and the 2012 UP Award as one of the Best Cloud Hosting companies, to name a few.

Cloud9 Real Time Hosted QuickBooks® in ALL versions that Intuit currently supports in the years of 2013 – 2015. Cloud9 Real Time is a licensed Commercial Host for all Intuit software products; we will give your users anytime, anywhere access access, while handling all of the related IT, maintenance, backups and updates that QuickBooks® requires to operate optimally.

Stop worrying about updates, upgrades or security – move your business to Cloud9!

QuickBooks® leasing is also available in the United States and Canada to keep your users on the latest edition of QuickBooks® each year at half the cost.

Cloud9 Real Time is an Authorized Intuit Commercial Host of QuickBooks® and will provide your users with anytime anywhere access while handling all of the related IT, Maintenance, Backups and Updates that QuickBooks® requires to operate optimally.

QuickBooks® Hosting, Revolutionized!

You can access and use your Hosted QuickBooks® file via Internet-connected computer, tablet, or smart phone, including Windows, Mac, iPad, Surface, Droids and more. The Cloud9 QuickBooks® Hosting environment is always monitored to ensure that servers are secure from external threats and backed up for disaster recovery. Your users will access only the files and applications that you allow them to access.