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Custom Private Virtual Servers (cloud-based ‘dedicated virtual servers’) are considered a private form of Cloud Computing.

Private Virtual Servers give your business freedom and flexibility in what data, files and software applications you host and for which users. 

Cloud9 provides businesses with a new cost-effective way to increase capacity and add capabilities quickly without a large investment in traditional office server infrastructure.

Stop paying for IT resources that you don’t use! Move your business office to the Cloud with Cloud9 Private Virtual Servers and pay only for what you need in a highly available and scalable infrastructure. Cloud9 Real Time offers all-inclusive Dedicated Private Virtual Servers hosting options that allow you to host your business software applications, files, folders and users in one central cloud-based location, saving your business up to 70% on IT expenses.

All-in-One Private Virtual Servers Office Solution include these benefits and features:

private virtual servers for cloud computing

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Cloud9’s Managed Customizable Private Virtual Server solutions are a cost effective alternative  to on location office Dedicated Servers with one major difference:  Private Virtual Servers offers the flexibility and power of a dedicated server at a much lower price, even before factoring in annual IT cost of maintaining local server hardware and software. 

With Cloud9′s Private Virtual Server solutions businesses can fully embrace and enjoy all of what the cloud promises: economies of scale, rapid deployment, reduced IT expenditure and anxiety, far greater data security, 24/7 access, risk amelioration and disaster recovery; and the convenience of managed and automatically updated software, just to cite some of the more obvious advantages. Oh, and consider it green as well, your business carbon footprint is significantly reduced!

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