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Rolling Backups: The Cure to CryptoLocker

Doug White is Lead Maintenance Engineer at Cloud9 Real Time. We sat down to ask a few questions about CryptoLocker, his experience with it, and how Cloud9 helps clients recover…

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CryptoLocker Virus
CryptoLocker Virus : Don’t be Held Hostage

It all starts innocently enough – a non-descript email in your inbox. Perhaps it’s another product feature or newsletter you mistakenly signed up for? Click. Suddenly, something doesn’t seem right.…

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Why You Need to Be EMV Compliant Today

October 1st, 2015 was the deadline to convert all credit card readers to the new EMV chip system, but most businesses have yet to make the switch. Transitioning to the…

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The Progression of Data Storage

Data storage has come a long way, but did you know that its roots go all the way back to 1725? Mashable has built a great infographic showing the progress…

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