cloud computing security at cloud9 is a requirement, not an optionEntirely U.S. Based

Cloud9 has taken steps to ensure that your data is as secure as that found for online banking and financial institutions.

Our Cloud Security rests on U.S. based servers, backups, data centers and technical support. Not one aspect of our Cloud security relies on outsourced services or offshore locations.

Automatic nightly backups are kept for a minimum of 30 days, and our Private Virtual Server clients have the option to increase these backups to be performed more frequently or kept on longer data retention schedules; A hallmark of Cloud9’s award-winning cloud computing security foundation.


Each time any user logs into the system to access data it is thru 256-bit encryption, offering you peace of mind in the security of your transfer.  With the same security as Online Banking, your data could not be safer.

Simply stated, Cloud9 is first and foremost a cloud security company, delivering  multiple layers of protection,  from our state-of-the art  physical data center all the way across to your database, software applications,  and data files.

Cloud9’s mission to ensure your cloud server security and protection against cybercrime or technical malfunction stems from the belief that cloud computing security is never an element that would simply be added-on to a resource infrastructure.

At Cloud9 Real Time, Cloud Security is not an option —  it is a fundamental requirement.

Standard Cloud Computing Security Features of our 57,000 square foot data center include:


  • 12+ Megawatts of uninterrupted power
  • cloud security is the priority at our SOC data-centerCisco Firewalls and Routers
  • Mirror Disk Imaging
  • RAID implementation
  • N+1/2N or better Redundancy
  •  Biometric hand scanner
  •  CCTV Digital Surveillance
  •  Motion Detection on all data center floors
  •  Seamless private Layer 2 transport
  •  24/7/365 Onsite Monitoring

If you have questions about cloud computing security for your business or practice, Cloud9 has answers.  Call (888) 869-0076 to learn more.

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