Work from anywhere
with less start-up and
long-term costs.

non-profit application hosting conserves capital and accelerates donations, used rightly

Software Application Hosting and Cloud Computing Custom Built for Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs

Cloud9 Real Time offers custom virtual office solutions for non-profit organizations to deliver the benefits of hosting with applications and addons customized for their community and integrated together in one central location. 

Non-Profit application hosting provides a superior value proposition over locally installed software applications. From large non-profits to small up-and-coming charities, Cloud9 non-profit application hosting in the Cloud is flexible and configurable to meet your mission and organizational needs. 

Features include:

  • Accounting software, such as QuickBooks Non-Profit and Sage50 Solutions, utilized by non-profits to implement FASB 117 compliance, fund-based accounting, and full audit trails.
  • Secure portal for document management and storage.
  • Convenience of Anytime Access from any device with internet connectivity, Anywhere.
  • Hosted reporting tools that provide insight into business operations, improving planning & forecasting.
  • Hosted Microsoft Office Suite and PDF files.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Services
  • Automatic Nightly Backups
  • IT/Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Simplified local IT needs and maintenance

A Hosted Non-Profit Software Environment provided by Cloud9 can include a Full Service Managed Windows Desktop with Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint  and Access) with everything a non-profit organization needs including all the software, data, and hardware necessary to work from any device, anywhere.

Reduce Stress and Conserve Capital
– with Non-Profit Application Hosting

Non-profit application hosting can reduce, or eliminate altogether, the stress of maintaining software applications and in-house server IT costs as well as offer simplified PC maintenance.

Cloud9 can host all of the software applications and tools that your non-profit organization already uses. This eliminates your reliance on equipment, maintenance, support, and training. Cloud9 provides a fully-managed custom built virtual dedicated server that replaces the in-house server while providing IT support. We help non-profit organizations to synchronize, backup and access data anywhere in the world at any time.

Non-profit application hosting QuickBooks saves money

Cloud9 Real Time currently hosts over 400 applications and the list grows daily, check out our Full List of Applications hosting options to see if your software needs are currently available!

Non-Profit Organizations with proof of  501(c) receive a 10% discount!

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