Virtual Office e-Dashboard

The e-dashboard document management system from Cloud9

Your All-In-One Virtual Office Solution
The e-Dashboard ™

Cloud9’s  e-Dashboard All-In-One Virtual Office Solution simplifies the accounting process by allowing you and your clients to instantly locate and access files anytime, anywhere. No more sending files back and forth. Save time and money! Increase productivity!

Hosted QuickBooks & Sage Accounting Software

Full desktop versions of QuickBooks and Sage in a multi-user environment are a perfect match with e-Dashboard Virtual Office Solution for the ultimate in cloud-based access and efficiency.

e-dashboard document management system from Cloud9 provides full document management

Client Lists

Cloud9’s e-Dashboard features convenient drop-down menus with approved access to all client portfolios through a single portal

Customer Support

24/7/365 – Free of Extra Charge

3rd Party Applications

Access your 3rd party applications, like Word, Excel, Tax Programs, etc.

Document Management System

The e-Dashboard All-In-One Virtual Office Solution is your Cloud Organizer and includes  a paperless document management system for cloud-secure documents with file naming convention and workflow management.

e-Dashboard™ Private Labeling

Customized portal to brand your firm with your logo and contact information

Search Feature

Both you and your clients can locate documents in seconds

Test drive the e-Dashboard with full capability or schedule a demo and find out why a virtual office solution (virtual private server) affords a business or practice the ultimate in cloud-based office server, data storage and software application hosting and access.

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