Frequent Questions

A quick run-down of a number of key
questions that many of our clients had
about getting started with Cloud9.

(Note: If you do not know if your system meets the minimum system requirements listed below, click here to download our recommended PC audit tool and email report to for analysis)

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How Secure is my Data?

Cloud9 Real Time’s technology is state of the art featuring multi-layer redundancy, an uninterrupted power supply, mirror disk imaging and RAID implementation. Login is through 256-bit encryption and our Data Centers are SOC2/SSAE16 certified; Cloud9 goes above and beyond to ensure the highest levels of security is deployed throughout the infrastructure.

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What does Cloud9 Cost?

Cloud9 Real Time offers an array of products and services from our standard QuickBooks/Sage50 hosting to Microsoft Exchange Services and custom built Private Virtual Servers.

Review our standard plans under Pricing or Contact us for a Quote! Click Here for a custom cloud proposal

Can I Run your Program on my own Web Server or on My Local PC or Desktop?

No.  The Cloud is an Internet-based solutions and does not run locally.

How do I Add or Remove User Licenses from my Account?

Administrative permissions are required to add or remove users, Click Here to Add or Remove Users Accounts.

How Many People/Users can use a Single Login?

Each user license is customized for the individual user and gives them accessibility to the applications, files, folders and documents that they should have access to. Additionally, a user license will only allow 1 person into the system at a time; Each person that needs to get into the Cloud will need their own user login. A user can access the cloud from any device with internet access, logins are not assigned to a specific desktop computer but instead to users. Click Here to Add Users Accounts.

Can I Scan & Print into the Cloud?

Yes, we support TWAIN compliant scanners and  there is no additional fee to scan  into the Cloud. Printing is available to any networked local printers on the device that your user is logged into the Cloud from.

What Type of Customer Support do I receive as a Client?

Technical support is included for each user on the system and is available via Telephone, Online ticketing system, or email. Regular business hours are 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time and after hours emergency only support is available 24/7/365 via telephone. You may Click Here to Submit a Ticket.

Do you Provide Training for your System?

Cloud9 Real Time offers a state of the art Welcome Center as well as a Self Service Help Desk with Training Videos, online guides and manuals 24/7.  Click Here to visit our Support Center. Cloud9 Real Time also hosts an annual User Conference and Summit in which attendees can tour the data center facility that hosts their data as well as meet the staff and get one on one user trainings as well as attend 2 days of focused courses. For more information on the Annual Conference please Click Here.

Do you have a FREE Trial?

Absolutely! Cloud9 Real Time encourages all users to try before you buy. No purchase is necessary, simply complete the Demo Request Form and a technician will email you a FREE 7 day trial to make sure the Cloud is a good fit for your business. Click Here to sign-up for a FREE 7 Day Trial.

Do you Support 3rd Party Applications?

Cloud9 Real Time hosts over 500 software applications, and the list grows daily. We do not limit you in what you can host, it just needs to be compatible with our network on a Private Virtual Server. The standard QuickBooks/Sage50 hosting environment is limited in what you can host or integrate with so if you have questions, be sure to contact a Cloud9 representative before purchasing to ensure the proper solution is deployed for your needs. To find out if your application is compatible, visit our Application Hosting page or call to speak to a representative.

What’s the difference between QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Hosting?

QuickBooks Online can be a nice online solution if your business doesn’t need the full functionality of Intuit’s QuickBooks desktop versions (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) and it is an entirely different program to learn and navigate than the desktop editions.

Cloud9 Real Time offers the full desktop version of your favorite QuickBooks programs – its an alternative to QuickBooks Online for those businesses that require the anytime, anywhere access of QuickBooks Online, but also need the ability to do inventory, grouping, and other features only included in the full desktop versions.

For companies with multiple QuickBooks files, we can be a very cost effective alternative to QuickBooks Online because we charge per user instead of per file like QuickBooks Online. In addition, with Cloud9 Real Time, you get secure online access to the full featured QuickBooks desktop programs, plus you get unlimited online data storage with continuous off-site backup and online access to MS Word, Excel and PDF Reader/Writer all in a privately labeled portal – so you’re getting a full virtual office, not just online access to the limited QuickBooks Online program.

What are the System Requirements for Cloud9?

Internet Speeds:

Broadband Internet connection with at least 3mbps DOWNLOAD and 512kbps UPLOAD speeds


Minimum OS of 10.5 or above
Must download and install Remote Desktop software (no additional charge) for connection to service (RDC 2.2)

Processor: 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

Note: Cloud9 Real Time does not host the Mac version of QuickBooks, all files must be the Windows version

Windows PC:

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Remote Desktop Protocol (Connection) 7.0 or above
150 MB Hard Drive Space
1024×768 Monitor Resolution

Windows 7 or 8 SP1
Remote Desktop Protocol (Connection) 7.1
2 GB Hard Drive Space
Dual Screen monitors with a combined screen resolution no higher than 4096×2048

Before You Begin

Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements to access the Cloud.

If you are NOT working from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer, you will need to upgrade to Windows Service Pack 3 and the latest version of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). You will also need to upgrade your printer drivers to the latest versions for seamless printing.

Click on the links below to upgrade your computer.

Microsoft Service Pack Center

RDP 7.0 (scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the download)

RDP Port 3389 is required to be opened on your Firewall to connect to Cloud9.

NOTE: If you are on a home network, most popular mainstream routers will be fine. However in an office environment with multiple connections coming from many computers, it is best to consider a Business Class router such as ones offered by SonicWall, which allows for a stable Internet connection and consistent traffic to travel through your network. PORT 3389 must be accessible.

Also consider removing all Firewall software from computers if you decide to go with a business class router, as it will only make the Internet connection slower and may prevent you from accessing necessary functions.

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