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Custom Accounting Cloud Solutions & More

Cloud9 Real Time began offering custom accounting cloud solutions for tax and accounting professionals in the year 2000. Recognized as an industry leader for the accounting profession, Cloud9 delivers dynamic virtual office accounting cloud solutions so that the Accountant, the Client and the Staff can all work in the same files at the same time with the peace of mind of full data security.

Whether you are a CPA firm looking to get rid of your server and enjoy the benefits of data center security, or you are a Client Accounting or Tax Preparation Service provider seeking to collaborate with your clients in a single portal, Cloud9 Real Time has custom accounting cloud solutions for your practice.

Cloud9 Accounting Cloud Solutions include:

  • Private Labeled Portal for Login
  • Microsoft Office Licensing
  • Application Hosting 
  • QuickBooks Hosting 
  • Sage Hosting 
  • Document Management and Storage
  • Automatic Backups
  • Disaster Recovery
  • No More Accountant Copies
  • Desktop and SaaS Application Integration
  • Single Portal Login
        2013 Readers Choice Award Cloud Accounting Solutions Hosting
Cloud9’s private and shared virtual server solutions garnered more industry awards in 2012 than all other Intuit and Sage hosting providers combined, including the Sleeter Awesome App, the K2 Quality Technology Award, the coveted CPA Practice Advisor’s Reader’s Choice, and the 2012 UP-START as one of the Best Cloud Hosting companies, to name a few.

Stop sending files back and forth. Shift the focus from IT back to billable hours!

Managing accounting applications on legacy servers and spending valuable time on PC maintenance takes away from billable hours, as well as Customer Service to valuable clients. Many firms have found that maintaining archaic IT systems in-house becomes a cumbersome endeavor, costing both time and money. The recognized 21st century alternative is Cloud9′s award-winning private accounting cloud solutions.

Cost Effective, Secure and Reliable

Your professional practice deserves a cost-efficient, secure, and reliable cloud service that provides anytime, anywhere access to the software applications and tools that you need. Cloud9’s fully managed accounting cloud solutions make IT easy.

Simplify PC maintenance and kick your office server to the curb while adding the security & collaborative benefits of Cloud Computing with Cloud9’s award winning custom accounting cloud solutions.

Tax and Accounting Firms are, more now than ever, migrating critical practice management and accounting process tools to a Cloud9 custom accounting cloud solution as an alternative to on-site servers and networks. While many practice managers and owners struggle to maintain local servers and networks, they are reticent to the concept of outsourced cloud computing resources.  Key areas of interest are workflow, client accounting services, practice management, audit solutions, tax preparation, time & billing, as well as client access portals.

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